Studienarbeit von David Suárez Perera

Montag, September 12, 2005

Backpropagation neural network based face detection in frontal faces images

Computer vision is a computer science field belonging to artificial intelligence. The purpose of this branch is allowing computers to understand the physical world by visual media means. This document proposes an artificial neural network based face detection system. It detects frontal faces in RGB images and is relatively light invariant.

Problem description and definition are enounced in the first sections; then the neural network training process is discussed and the whole process is proposed; finally, practical results and conclusions are discussed. Process has three stages: 1) Image preprocessing, 2) Neural network classifying, 3) Face number reduction. Skin color detection and Principal Component Analysis are used in preprocessing stage; back propagation neural network is used for classifying and a simple clustering algorithm is used on the reduction stage.

Abgabe: 12.09.2005

Betreuer: Dipl.-Inform. Ingo Boersch

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